Gavin Lerner

Technical Effects Artist


"Had the pleasure of working with Gavin while at Treyarch on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. He's one of the most motivated artists I've worked with, his work ethic is amazing, and he seriously is always in a great mood and very polite, which has to be hard when dealing with us bitchy coders! During our production cycle, I decided to develop a GPU-based lense flare system named SuperFlare for the FX team and Gavin being the resident expert on everything to do with photo-realistic lense flares, took full control of its direction and usage within the FX team. He threw together an extensive feature request list and worked closely with me on every feature until the system was running bug free on every console and had everything he needed. He was definitely the driving force behind the SuperFlare system and his hard work and persistence made this technology a huge success. The flares he developed where simply amazing and took the game's graphics to another level. I couldn't recommend Gavin enough!

Scott Bean, Director of Technology, Treyarch:Activision

"Gavin is the most dedicated and detail oriented FX and tech artist I've worked with. He is able to break down phenomena into their essential parts and figure out how to recreate them in-game with extremely high fidelity. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make something look better or to help a colleague out in any way that he can. He is able to handle very complicated tasks and be responsible for managing complicated systems. He has a good relationship with the design and programming departments and has earned their respect and confidence. He would be a valuable addition to any team as a tech or FX artist.”

Matthew Vitalone, Lead Technical Artist, THQ, Kaos Studios

“Gavin is an incredibly skilled and dedicated Technical Artist. His encyclopedic knowledge of the editor is largely autodidactic, and he continues to improve and streamline his skill set during any off-hours. Gavin is energetic and inspirational to work with, and he loves helping others to solve the wide-range of visual and technical problems encountered through development. He throws himself completely into the projects he's working on, and even during the darkest periods of development, his great passion for his work (and those around him) shines through.”

Jason Bennett, Senior Concept Artist, Kaos Studios / THQ, Inc

"Gavin is one of the most dedicated and motivated game developers that I know. He consistently uses his skills to push the envelope of Kaos studios' graphics tech and is an integral part of the team. His appetite for learning new techniques and seeking out new methods is second to none, and I can definitely say that his contributions have helped the current project immensely. No matter how challenging or impossible the task, Gavin can be counted on to come up with creative solutions that get the job done."

Tommy Cinquegrano, Lead Artist, THQ

"It has been a great honor to work with Gavin on Homefront. From early on it was clear that Gavin was a key source for information and troubleshooting that the whole studio counts on. From UI to FX, material creation to lens flares, Gavin does it all with ease. I have watched Gavin take scenes from mediocre to spectacular. Gavin is a technical sponge, constantly learning and soaking up any drops of information at his disposal. Gavin’s work ethic is nearly un-rivaled at the studio and his dedication to quality almost paralyzing. He has a solid artistic eye and an enthusiastic nature that infects all he works with. If you are in need of a technically gifted artist who too often puts his work above all else in his life you need look no further than Gavin Lerner. Having watched how far Gavin has developed just in the short time I’ve worked with him, I’m confident in his ability to work with any of the top studios in the industry."

Jason Priest- Art Director THQ

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